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Data Science &

Advanced Analytics

We understand the hype around machine learning & AI. Many organisations are consuming content and attending various conferences on the subject but are often left without a strategic and actionable plan for their organisation. Many things have to come together to ensure business value is created. This includes bringing together the right talent, internal education and most importantly the right technology with frameworks and processes.  

Ambitious organisations who are thinking ahead and looking to unlock business value sitting within their data across the organisation can leverage our network of machine learning & AI specialists. Cut through the hype and understand how to align strategic focus with your team and realise value for your organisation. 

Use Case & Roadmap

Data Strategy, Architecture & Technology

People & Team

Process & Frameworks

Data Valuer 

Our data valuer process detects the gold in your data assets, giving you a complete understanding of what you can achieve with the help of your data. We’ll provide a complete health check identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

Rapid POC 

Too many data science projects burn out because the path from POC to implementation takes too many twist and turns. By the time the POC is finished, the initial impulse has been lost. Our rapid POC approach shortens path from idea to business value. A low-cost implementation to demonstrate feasibility. 

Advance Analytics 

Move beyond traditional business intelligence (BI), to discover deeper insights and make predictions to drive business value. Understand the patterns, trends and themes that may be hidden within your data to increase profits, improve forecasting, understand customers and more. 


Many business decisions involve choosing between scenarios to achieve the best result, placing them in the realm of optimisation. While the concepts are simple, the problems can involve large numbers of inputs. 

Data Platforms & MLOps 

Transform and operationalise your advanced analytics for organisational wide adoption. From data acquisition to model development and deployment. Our capabilities range from working with cloud providers and open source tools.

Machine Learning & AI 

Data is only valuable when you put it to work. Connect the dots with your data and move through the analytics maturity cycle to realise the AI value for your organisation. No matter your business use case, we help you build bespoke solutions for your industry. Build intelligent systems today and enable your organisation make faster and augmented decisions tomorrow. 

Machine Learning 

Use your historical data to predict future outcomes and future behaviour. Some areas of use cases include customer churn modelling, demand planning and forecasting, predictive maintenance and risk based modelling. 

Computer Vision

To get the most out of image data, we need computers to “see” an image and understand the content. Use cases include Classification, Identification, Verification, Detection, Segmentation and Recognition.

Natural Language

Unlock value from unstructured data. Improve user experience both internally and externally from your organisation and generate newly discovered insights.

At Ausmed we strive to support health professionals to improve patient care through effective education. With so many learning opportunities out there, data science helps us suggest resources to a user based on what’s most relevant to their unique context of practice. We partnered with OutputAI to help deliver our strategic roadmap and develop solutions that would add business value. We are very pleased with our partnership and look forward to our continued innovative work.

Chief Strategy Officer

Will Egan

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