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Solve your most immediate business and technical challenges.

Data science has reached a level of maturity that means it isn’t necessary to re-invent the wheel with every new project. We can leverage our library of implementation frameworks to accelerate the development of your solution. Our approach is to assess the novelty of your requirements and quality of data to uncover what we can deploy to ensure a low-risk implementation that delivers immediate business value. 

Our products are designed to serve organisations looking to begin their journey in unlocking their data through to the more advanced. 

Data Valuer

It’s hard to know the true value of data, but if you do, it’s half the battle won. Our data valuer process detects the gold in your databases, giving you a complete understanding of what you can achieve with the help of your data. Let us survey your data. We’ll provide a complete health check identifying its strengths and weaknesses. More than that, we’ll identify the data products in sync with your business that are most easily supported by your data.

Rapid POC 

Too many data science projects burn out because the path from POC to implementation takes too many twist and turns. By the time the POC is finished, the initial impulse has been lost. Our rapid POC approach shortens path from idea to business value. Rather than go through the pain of developing a POC only to find that you’re only at the start of an even more painful journey to implementation, we will provide a POC that stands as a viable implementation in its own right.

Model Revival

Even the best model can disappoint once implemented. Sometimes it’s because the model doesn’t generalise, sometimes it’s because the implementation is incomplete. We provide fresh expert eyes to review the model and its implementation in order to develop a path to delivering value that uses your existing work as effectively as possible. In the case of poor generalisation, we can adjust the model to ensure that model becomes as robust as needed, taking full advantage of the work that has been done to identify useful model features. In the case of an implementation that hasn’t been implemented in the most advantageous way, we will leverage our experience across many implementations to provide assurance of the best result.

Model Insight

Sometimes Data Scientists need to use the less understandable algorithms to achieve acceptable results. However, some applications may need both the performance of a black box model, but the transparency of a more explainable model in production. OutputAI can unlock the mysteries of a black box model by transforming it into a fully transparent and explainable white box algorithm.. Our experts have the ability to retrospectively extract the required explanation from a model using a variety of modern tools. 

At Ausmed we strive to support health professionals to improve patient care through effective education. With so many learning opportunities out there, data science helps us suggest resources to a user based on what’s most relevant to their unique context of practice. We partnered with OutputAI to help deliver our strategic roadmap and develop solutions that would add business value. We are very pleased with our partnership and look forward to our continued innovative work.

Chief Strategy Officer

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