Execute on your vision.

We want to help you move forward and make progress on solving your business challenges with model driven solutions. You may be well on your way with an internal team with projects underway or you may be right at the beginning of your journey. Either way, we help you with direct access to talent for your business problems and the required capabilities, while managing the entire process to delivery.​


We give your organisation flexibility around talent, hire on demand and as required for projects. We have done the hard work and selected only highly qualified and capable individuals from various backgrounds.


Scalable expertise to support your organisation or

in-house team. 

Independent Consultants

Vetted and experienced data scientists.Experts in end-to-end model development, from planning to production. 

Researchers & PhD's 

Academic experts who sit on top of state-of-the-art research happening in various fields of Data Science & ML.

Data Science Students

Vetted Masters of Data Science students with various levels of experience. Ideal for smaller and simpler projects on a budget. 


Have a project you need to deliver in your organisation?

We all understand the AI talent shortage that exists in the marketplace, demand for data scientists far exceeds supply. We believe there is a more efficient and cost-effective way to solve these problems than to depend on recruiters or hiring platforms. Our bespoke fully managed talent pool can work with you based on your needs and requirements.


We can accommodate technical capability requirements and budget requirements. This provides your organisation with the flexibility to scale up or down the right resources at the right time for your projects. Avoid long, complicated and costly recruitment of data scientists and to start progress on your AI and ML projects today. 

At Ausmed we strive to support health professionals to improve patient care through effective education. With so many learning opportunities out there, data science helps us suggest resources to a user based on what’s most relevant to their unique context of practice. We partnered with OutputAI to help deliver our strategic roadmap and develop solutions that would add business value. We are very pleased with our partnership and look forward to our continued innovative work.

Chief Strategy Officer

Will Egan

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