Transforming your organisational data into business value. 

We put your data to work. 


Move ahead to the next level, go from data driven to model driven.

Unlock the opportunities hidden in your data and build your organisational competitive advantage.

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Empower your organisation and generate business value today.

We provide strategic guidance, frameworks and data science capability to help you extract value from AI. We believe data science doesn’t always need to be a lengthy process to extract value from. It doesn't need to be boring statistical presentations. We focus on value delivering viable implementations at every stage.


Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Move through the analytics maturity cycle and realise value for your organisation through strong data foundations with advanced analytics. 


Machine Learning & AI 

Deploy machine learning & AI solutions through our range of predictive analytics and cognitive services. 


Our Products

Our products are solutions designed to help your organisation solve problems, whether it be extracting quick value with Rapid POC, bringing a model to life with Model Revival, understanding a model with Model Insight or understanding the value of your data with Data Valuer

At Ausmed we strive to support health professionals to improve patient care through effective education. With so many learning opportunities out there, data science helps us suggest resources to a user based on what’s most relevant to their unique context of practice. We partnered with OutputAI to help deliver our strategic roadmap and develop solutions that would add business value. We are very pleased with our partnership and look forward to our continued innovative work.

Chief Strategy Officer

Will Egan

Start putting your
data to work.

We put your
data to work.

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